Logicenters signs additional agreement with Speed Group in Borås

Logicenters and Speed Group are in the process of expanding their cooperation. The parties have signed a new agreement regarding one of Logicenters’ facilities in Borås. The agreement is for 10,000 m2 of logistics space in Logicenters’ new 24,000 m2 property. Speed Group will take up residence immediately.

Logicenters is continuing to strengthen its operations in western Sweden, having now signed its second lease agreement with Speed Group in Borås. The agreement is for 10,000 m2 of logistics space and Speed Group will move into the premises immediately. The facility in Viared, located just outside Borås, is equipped with all the technology required for modern logistics operations. E-retailer Care of Carl has been the tenant in the other part of the 24,000 m2 property since last autumn.

“We are delighted to be further expanding our cooperation with Speed Group. It is our largest customer in Borås and to have the opportunity to further support its growth is very inspiring. We look forward to continuing our successful cooperation for many years to come”, says Matthias Kettelhoit, Head of Logicenters.

The property that Speed Group is now moving into is strategically located close to both Göteborg and Jönköping as well as Landvetter Airport. It will also be the second facility that the company leases from Logicenters in Borås. The first is an 83,000 m2 logistics facility which also has the largest rooftop solar plant in the Nordic region.

“Our business is growing and we want to expand our space as a means of creating the conditions for organic growth. In 2017, we signed our first lease agreement with Logicenters here in Borås and we are now delighted to be taking this next step together. Logicenters has proven able to meet our requirements for running a successful logistics operation in the area. That’s why it seemed to be the obvious choice as we take the next step in our development”, says Mats Johnson, CEO of Speed Group.

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