Logicenters continues its major investment in solar energy

Logicenters is continuing its major investment in solar energy by signing an agreement to install solar cells at a further nine of its facilities. In total, the company has installed solar cells with an expected annual production of 30 GWh – equivalent to household electricity for the whole of Mora.

In April, it was announced that Logicenters had begun construction of the Nordic region’s largest rooftop solar cell plant in Bålsta. This project is in line with the ambitions of Logicenters and NREP to lead development of a carbon-neutral property sector, reaching net zero as early as 2028.

The investment on renewable energy has grown during the autumn and the logistics property company has now signed an agreement to build solar cell plants at a further nine of its facilities.  The new installations are expected to generate a total of 2.6 GWh per year, equivalent to electricity for around 520 households.

“As customers today look at their supply chain, we cannot ignore the impact on our environment. The carbon footprint of the property sector is too large to ignore. Sustainable construction, with a major investment in renewable energy, is our most important journey as a company. We at Logicenters really want to lead the way, showing what is possible,” says Matthias Kettelhoit, CEO at Logicenters.

Logicenters is currently active in a total of five countries where it has installed solar cells with predicted annual generation of 30 GWh, enough to supply electricity to the entire city of Mora (6000 households). A figure that is constantly increasing.

“In addition to being climate-smart, solar energy is almost always profitable in relation to the lifetime of the panels. How quickly they pay for themselves depends on the cost of installation, which has risen in the wake of the energy crisis, and on the price of electricity, which is also on a steep upward trend. However, those who invest in solar cells get a fixed predictable electricity price which is appreciated,” says Jon Malmsten, solar energy expert at Logicenters.

All of the new solar cell plants are scheduled for completion in the second quarter of 2023.

Property name Address Annual production (MWh) Planned output Contractor Installation date
Blixten 1 Prognosgatan 1 – Borås 441 500 Soltech Q2 2023
Flahult 21:44 Möbelvägen 5 – Jönköping 406 500 Solkompaniet Q2 2023
Kronan 1 Örjaleden 40 – Landskrona 232 254 Soltech Q2 2023
Mörby 5:44 Mörbyvägen 17 – Nykvarn 447 500 Soltech Q2 2023
Norslunda 1:32 Uppfinnarvägen 6 – Arlanda 441 500 Soltech Q2 2023
Telfern 4 Företagsgatan 44 – Borås 441 500 Soltech Q2 2023
Mobilkranen 7 Örebro 210 240 Soltech Q2 2023

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