Logicenters signs lease with PostNord Oy in Pirkkala – at the same time, Logicenters plans to develop an additional 7000 m2

Logicenters has now signed a lease with PostNord Oy in Finland. The lease includes the development of a 4600 m² parcel sorting facility in Kurikantie, Pirkkala. The facility is scheduled to be ready for occupation in early 2021 and will also include expansion options of 2000 m². The real estate developer is also planning to develop an additional 7000 m² warehouse onsite.

Logicenters is continuing to develop and expand its presence at strategic logistics hubs in the Nordic region. It has now signed a new lease with PostNord Oy in Pirkkala, Finland. In accordance with the lease, Logicenters will develop a 4600 m² parcel sorting facility in Kurikantie which is scheduled for completion in the second quarter of 2021. The facility will also be prepared for potential development on a 2000 m² extension. The logistics property company will also develop a 7000 m² detached warehouse onsite.

“It is great that such an established company as PostNord Oy is choosing to move into our upcoming sorting facility in Finland. The lease is an exciting commission where Logicenters will use its collective skills to develop a modern facility with a high environmental performance. We are confident that PostNord Oy will thrive in its new facility,” says Matthias Kettelhoit, Head of Logicenters.

The ambition is to heat the facility using geothermal energy and that the electricity is to be supplied by solar power. Logicenters focuses on and is at the forefront of developing sustainable buildings with a low carbon footprint and reduced energy consumption.

“We are renewing our logistics network so that we can deliver shipments faster and more responsibly to the whole of Finland. With this solution, we will significantly strengthen our competitiveness and agility to operate in an ever-changing logistics market. We thank Logicenters for their flexible cooperation and we look forward to moving into our new property,” says Jani Ståhlhammar, COO at PostNord Oy in Finland.

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