E-commerce in expansion: Web-based Care of Carl moves into Logicenters’ facility

Earlier this year, Logicenters signed a lease with e-retailer and Borås company Care of Carl. The web-based menswear store is now moving into Logicenters’ facility in Viared, just outside Borås. Care of Carl has leased an area measuring approximately 12,000 m2, equivalent to half of the property’s floor space. Consequently, the remaining area is available for additional tenants.

E-commerce is currently breaking all records, with e-commerce companies experiencing almost explosive developments during 2020. The keys to Logicenters’ property in Viared, just outside Borås, have been handed over to web-based menswear store and Borås company Care of Carl, which is now moving into the property. The e-retailer’s new property has been equipped with all the technical specifications required for modern logistics operations. The facility’s technical solutions have also been adapted to suit the e-retailer’s operations.

“We would like to warmly welcome Care of Carl to its new property. We see that the growth in e-commerce has exploded this year, as it continues to play an even greater part in people’s lives. Therefore, we believe that Care of Carl’s new logistics facility will enable them to be well equipped for the future. The fact that the property is also located in one of Sweden’s best geographical locations for logistics is also beneficial. We are now looking forward to closely following a fast-growing and smart e-commerce company on its journey”, says Matthias Kettelhoit, Head of Logicenters.

Geographically speaking, Viared has an ideal location for logistics. Its proximity to Landvetter Airport and the major cities of Gothenburg and Jönköping makes it very attractive to a range of different sectors – not least fast-growing e-retailers. The area is also ranked as Sweden’s main area for logistics. With Care of Carl moving into half of the property, this means that the other half – approximately 12,000 m2 – is available for additional tenants, with the opportunity for rapid occupancy.

“We are really looking forward to moving into our new logistics and office facility in Borås. The logistics premises have been perfectly designed according to our needs and the office premises have been completely renovated according to our wishes. E-commerce has continued to grow throughout the year, placing even greater demands on our internal processes, so it feels good that we now have access to a much larger warehouse space. With the move, we are ready to take our business to the next level, while at the same time continuing our operation in our hometown Borås, where our journey once began”, concludes Henning Källqvist, CEO and founder, Care of Carl.

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