Nrep Logicenters strengthens its sustainability through one of Norway’s first BREEAM Excellent certified logistics properties

Nrep Logicenters property in Norway, with Oda as a tenant, has achieved BREEAM Excellent certification – an environmental assessment method and certification scheme for buildings. The certification approves the environmental profile and the commitment to minimize the impact on the environment throughout the property’s value chain.


In 2022, Nrep Logicenters took over the property of approximately 18,500 m2 from Eneo Eiendom, with Panelbygg as the contractor, and Eneo Eiendom as the developer until the completion of the building.


Oda’s warehouse is one of Norway’s most modern and efficient logistics properties. The building is now one of the first in the country to be certified with BREEAM Excellent In Use and has an energy class A rating. The facility is Oda’s second distribution center in the Østlandet region and is designed for high inventory turnover and efficient delivery to customers in the area.


The state-of-the-art building places a strong emphasis on energy recovery with its own energy center featuring a CO2-based cooling system, where excess heat is recycled and used for heating the building. Additionally, the roof and large parts of the facade are covered with solar power installations, estimated to produce approximately 1,150,000 kWh of energy annually.


We have focused on the reuse of building materials. With our solutions for energy production and energy recovery, we have secured BREEAM Excellent certification for the building, says Morten Hotvedt, CEO of Eneo Eiendom.


Today, the real estate sector accounts for 40 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. Properties in locations that allow for efficient logistics systems with reduced transportation time, lower energy consumption, and the production of renewable energy are essential to reducing emissions.


Oda has a clear focus on sustainability. This reflects our ambition to be emission-free in the construction and operation of our buildings by 2028. Part of the ambition with this purchase was to maximize the use of the building’s facade for solar energy production. The BREEAM Excellent certification shows that we are one step closer to achieving our ambition“, says Kristian Aarflot-Nyrud, Asset Manager at Nrep.Formulärets överkant


A BREEAM Excellent certification applies to the entire building, not just individual products or materials. Therefore, the certification also sets requirements for good indoor air quality, lighting conditions, non-toxic materials, and other health-promoting measures that make the building a pleasant place to be.


It has been important to us that our warehouse has an environmental profile in line with the values ​​we have as a company. We are pleased that the warehouse not only has a very good environmental profile, which the BREEAM Excellent certification underlines, but that Nrep’s and Eno’s values ​​and climate ambitions also reflect our own”, says Tor Erik Aag, board member and acting head of Norway at Oda.

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