Logicenters is working to improve energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions

Working with ÅF-Infrastucture, Logicenters has launched an initiative to help customers and partners become more energy smart. A recently completed pilot project demonstrates that it is not only the environment which benefits from the industry improving its energy efficiency.

On behalf of Logicenters, ÅF-Infrastructure has initiated a project to help companies improve energy efficiency and to reduce their climate impact. A thorough mapping of potential actions in energy use was carried out for one of Logicenters’ partners. The result shows that there is both money and energy to be saved, in addition to lowering CO2 emissions.

The focus of the work has been on optimising operations and the facility as well as removing costs that do not generate a value. For example, by optimising lighting and ventilation, a company can lower its energy use without investing significant capital.

The project also includes work aimed at educating the company’s employees. It is important to raise awareness and change people’s attitudes and approach towards energy use. We also ensure that machinery and equipment are only used whenreally necessary”, says Björn Rinde, energy consultant at ÅF-Infrastructure.

The results showed that there is great potential for savings. By undertaking simple energy-related actions, operational costs in the pilot project could be reduced by as much as 13 percent with an additional positive effect on indoor climate. In this case, the cost of work carried out would pay for itself in just six months. Logicenters believes that there will be an increasing demand for energy effective solutions. The goal is to be able to offer all partners a similar approach in the long term.

We have a responsibility as a company to take part and contribute to a better environment. By offering our customers a cost- and energyefficient alternative, I feel that we are becoming an even more attractive partner. No major investments are required to streamline a business’s energy efficiency and the potential for saving money is great”, says Matthias Kettelhoit, Commercial Head of Logicenters.

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