NREP develops 40.000 sqm warehouse for Aditro Logistics AB in Viared, Borås

The building is the first to be constructed in the extended logistics area västra Viared along the highway in the direction of Gothenburg and will meet all aspects of a top modern logistic property. The building will contain a warehouse and office areas and will be designed according to the requirements of GreenBuilding.

“At NREP we are delighted to announce that Aditro Logistics AB has chosen to expand their operation in Viared with us. Our extensive experience in real estate development within the segment logistics enables us to construct a high-quality building in a cost and time efficient manner. Hence, we managed to meet Aditro Logistics in an agreement which both parties are pleased with,” says Rickard S. Dahlberg.

“Aditro Logistics is in a very exciting and expansive phase during which we for some time have worked towards establishing a new logistics center in western Sweden where we can continue to grow with new and existing clients. NREP provides an efficient building in an attractive area that supports our and our clients’ expansion” says Matthias Kettelhoit, CEO Aditro Logistics.

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