Launches its Nordic concept in Europe: Logicenters enters Polish market

Logicenters is now expanding its presence outside the Nordic region with its first venture in Poland. As a leading logistics property company in the Nordic region, Logicenters is now looking to bring its successful concept to one of Europe’s largest logistics markets, focusing strongly on the long term, quality, flexibility, and sustainability.

Logicenters is continuing its expansion. The logistics facility operator is now expanding its successful logistics concept into Europe, with Poland its first target market outside the Nordic region. Poland is the fifth largest logistics property market in Europe and is also one of the fastest growing markets on the continent. In 2019, a total of 2.7 million m2 of logistics space was developed in the country. In comparison, around 650,000 m2 of logistics space was developed in Sweden – the largest market in the Nordic region – during the same period. From a geographical perspective, Poland is also ideal with good communications throughout the country, to the Nordic region and the rest of Europe.

As a first step, Logicenters has acquired the Polish company BIK SA and its current portfolio, which includes four existing properties with two potential extensions, as well as a plot of land – with the total logistics space estimated to be more than 115,000 m2. The facilities are located in the cities of Wroclaw and Katowice in southern Poland. With its high population density and large clusters of factories, the region is a strategically important location for logistics.

“We have developed our Nordic portfolio exponentially in recent years and our ambition is to continue to strengthen our presence here. But we also see Poland as a natural step forward in Logicenters’ development. This is partly because the Polish logistics market is still in its infancy and we believe there is enormous potential for us to assist in developing the logistics facilities of tomorrow in the country, and partly because many of our existing tenants already have operations in Poland. Naturally, we want to continue to support them by growing in line with their operations in both the Nordic region and Poland, something which is entirely in line with how we operate”, says Matthias Kettelhoit, CEO, Logicenters.

Focus on sustainability

Compared with many other parts of the world, the Nordic logistics market is ahead of the pack when it comes to sustainable logistics. Therefore, as it moves into the European market, Logicenters sees it as a natural step to bring its Nordic sustainability agenda along with it. And as always, the facilities will also meet high sustainability and energy efficiency requirements in Poland.

“We want to be able to develop the properties of tomorrow in such a way that they remain of a high quality for many years to come. Key to this is the development of sustainable facilities that are not only durable, sustainable and energy efficient, but also cost effective over time. We are already experiencing a high demand for more sustainable logistics, with many of our tenants requiring that the properties in which they operate meet high sustainability standards. And just as we have been leading the way towards a more sustainable transition in the Nordic logistics industry, we will also be sure to pave the way for more sustainable logistics in Poland. This is something we are convinced will benefit both business and the environment”, concludes Matthias Kettelhoit, CEO, Logicenters.

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